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Norma Tillman was born and raised in Nashville, TN.  Her background includes working 11 years with law enforcement before becoming a private investigator.  It was while working with law enforcement that Norma learned to track down criminals and how much she enjoyed the challenge of finding someone that didn't want to be found.  As a 37 year veteran private investigator who specializes in finding missing people she realized that finding a missing heir, or a missing relative or old friend was both challenging and rewarding.  She is the author of several non-fiction books and over the years has appeared on many television reunion shows.

Over the years Norma was asked to speak around the country at many conferences for professional investigators and decided she needed to write a book and share her knowledge and experience to help other investigators.  In 1994 she wrote "How To Find Almost Anyone, Anywhere" and appeared on Oprah to promote her book.  She found seven missing people for Oprah to reunite that day and the show was a huge success and was rerun over and over.  After appearing on Oprah, Norma was invited to be on many other television reunion shows including:  Leeza Gibbons; Vicki Lawrence; The View; Geraldo; Jenny Jones; Carol and Marilyn; Jim J; Mike and Maty; Shirley; Dini; and many more.

She enjoys working with Music Videos, TV, Movies, and Commercials and is usually in the background.   Two of the music videos she was in were nominated for "Music Video of the Year":  "Feels Like a Party" by LoCash was a winner!   "Dirt" by Florida Georgia Line was nominated too.  One of her favorite groups to work with is "Little Big Town Band"......"The Little White Church" is the song.

A few years ago she was an extra in "The Internship" with Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson, and "Last Vegas" with Robert DiNero, Michael Douglas, Kevin Kline, and Morgan Freeman.   Back in the 80's Norma worked with a new show named "The Concrete Cowboys" with a little known actor named Tom Selleck and a well known country music star named Jerry Reed.  Later she worked on another TV Show named "Nashville".  "It's just fun to work with these shows and I'm happy to be an extra because I don't have to memorize lines and it's not stressful." 

Since the mid 60's Norma has participated in both  buying and selling real estate as an investor, and has owned and managed both rental properties and commercial properties.  In 2016 she decided to attend real estate school and became a professional licensed realtor.  For Norma, helping people find the right investment property, or buying a home of their dream, or selling a property was as challenging and rewarding as finding a missing person.  As soon as she became licensed as a realtor she joined the Knox Team at Zeitlin Realty and right out of real estate school she began selling new construction for builders and developers and recently she sold mostly commercial real estate.


It seems that she never lacks for something to do and likes to stay busy.

Over twenty years ago Norma purchased a Gulf Front Vacation Rental Condo in Panama City Beach, FL.  and when it is not rented she enjoys going there even though she usually works the whole time she is there.  She keeps a computer at the condo and can work on real estate transactions or find a missing person while enjoying a beautiful view of the Gulf of Mexico.   

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