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Locate a missing person.

People are often separated and can't find each other due to a divorce or someone moving away and losing touch.  Regardless of the reason for the separation there is a need to find someone or to receive closure to know what happened to that person. 

Guaranteed Search $500.00:  In order to guarantee to find someone certain information is required such as a name, Social Security number, date of birth, last known address, or any other identifiable information.   No charge if person is not located.

A search with only a name is $50. per hour with a 3 hour minimum.  $150.00

We do not look for people wanted by law enforcement, collections, anyone under 21 years of age, anyone not in the continental US, anyone missing due to foul play or deliberately hiding.

Missing Heirs for settlelment of an estate:  We can locate up to 100 missing heirs for a flat rate.  Contact us for a quote.

For those who don't have a name to look for please have a DNA Test done before you contact us.

We have a proven track record for finding missing people.

As seen on TV:  Oprah - The Vicki Lawrence Show - The Leeza Gibbons Show - The View - Nancy Grace - Geraldo - Jenny Jones - Mike & Maty - Carol & Marilyn - Jim J and Tammy Faye - Dini - Nightside - and many more.

I need to find someone.

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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